Is your dog taking you for a walk? If you’re having trouble controlling your young dog or you simply want to teach your dog how to be a good “citizen”, come along to one of our weekly training sessions and join us.

Our Club accepts dogs from 4 months of age (see our Vaccination Policy).

However it is important that younger puppies meet and have pleasant encounters with a wide range of experiences – so make sure that you talk to your Vet about attending a well-run and safe Puppy Pre-School from the earliest age possible.

“Club Mission
“Providing an enjoyable environment where we can develop good canine members of our family and our community”.

Our Aims

Our Club aims to benefit all our Members and their dogs of all breeds.

Our Trainers are a knowledgeable group of volunteers providing resources in basic dog obedience and good manners.

Our Trainers provide dog owners with the techniques and confidence to train their own dogs.

Our Club provides a supportive and safe environment for socialization of dogs of all ages and breeds.

Our Club provides an enjoyable and informative social network for owners and their dogs throughout the community.

Our Values

We are a not-for-profit Dog Obedience Club, run by volunteers.

We promote gentle, clear and positive training techniques.

We do not accept any mistreatment of any dog by any of our members, staff or the community.

We value and respect the diversity of our Trainers, our Members, and their dogs.

We encourage inclusion, acceptance and enjoyment of well-behaved dogs and their owners within our wider community.


Class Structure:

Typically new members will spend between 1 and 4 weeks in the Introductory Class, where you and your dog will be given some basic obedience and social tools. In this class the emphasis is on socialisation and learning to be in a class situation.
Members then move through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Classes .
These classes become progressively more advanced with dogs in Diamond Class working entirely off lead during the class.
All classes provide you with the tools for obedience such as sit, stand, drop, stay, loose lead walking, heeling and recalls.
However the emphasis at our club is to use our obedience knowledge to help our dogs in social situations within the community.