Club Rules

Please observe the following rules:

Please report to the desk prior to joining classes and wear membership cards during class.

Visitors must also register at the Desk. This is required for insurance purposes.

Dogs must be on lead (unless in training) between 9.50am and 11.10am.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated and over 4 months of age prior to attending classes.

If your dog is unwell, please do not bring it to class.

Classes will start promptly at 10am. Please arrive before 10am.

Dogs may be issued with yellow “Give Me Space” bandanas if they are nervous, unreliable, or require special treatment. Bandanas must be returned to the desk at the end of class.

Dogs wearing yellow bandanas must remain on lead at all times unless under instruction.

All members must respect “Give Me Space” bandanas, and keep their dogs at a distance.

Dogs require an appropriate collar or harness and lead as approved by the Trainer.

Dog droppings must be picked up immediately. Bags are available from the Desk.

Training will be cancelled in inclement weather, including heavy rain or extreme heat.
(On days of inclement weather, a decision will be made by 9am regarding whether training will go ahead. Phone Jim 0412 696 023 or Vera 0409 745 868, or check on our Facebook page).

Children taking part in classes or observing must be supervised at all times.

Training dates, activities and holidays for each year will be posted on our website.

Club Policies and Rules of Incorporation are available for viewing at the Desk.
These include but are not limited to:

Disruptive Dog Policy

Dog Fight Protocol

Dog Illness Policy

Vaccination Policy

Vaccination Policy

New members with adult dogs:

Owners must present a current Certificate of Vaccination for C4 (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus & Para influenza) when they join the Club.

The Certificate must also be presented at each membership renewal time.

The Certificate must show that the next vaccination is a booster shot, 1 year after the latest vaccination.

Dogs may not enter the class if a current Certificate cannot be shown.

Note: For maximum protection against “Kennel Cough”, Vets recommend to give your dog a C5 vaccination rather than a C4.


Puppies cannot join the Club until at least 2 weeks after they have completed their final vaccination.

The minimum age for puppies is dependent on their vaccination schedule.

The Certificate of Vaccination must show that the next vaccination is a booster shot, 1 year after the latest vaccination.

As different brands of vaccine act differently, acceptance into the Club can not be dependent solely on the age of the puppy. Acceptance is dependent on the completion of a full vaccination program, and a two week period after that date.

Please Note: This Policy has been developed to help protect your dog from infection. However there is no 100% guarantee AT THIS CLUB, OR ELSEWHERE, that vaccination will protect your dog.

Our Policy provides the best effort to minimise the risk to your dog.

Current members may view the following HBODC Policies and Rules by request at the Registration Desk:

HBODC Vision, Aims and Values

Vaccination Policy

Disruptive Dog Policy

Dog Fight Protocol

Dog Illness Policy

Trainers’ Requirements Policy

Training Fund Policy

Detailed Class and Trial Requirements