Class Structure:

New members begin in the Introductory Class and then move through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond Classes.
These classes become progressively more advanced with dogs in Diamond Class working entirely off lead during the class.
All classes provide you with the tools for obedience such as sit, stand, drop, stay, loose lead walking, heeling and recalls.
However the emphasis at our club is to use our obedience knowledge to help our dogs in social situations within the community.

Introductory Class: Typically new members will spend between 1 and 4 weeks in the Introductory Class, where you and your dog will be given some basic obedience and social tools. In this class the emphasis is on socialisation and learning to be in a class situation.

Bronze Class: In Bronze Class all exercises are on lead. Activities include socialisation, and practical exercises teaching: Sit, Drop, Sit/Stay (return from behind) Heeling with turns: right, left, right about turn, left about turn and the left about pivot turn, recall (on lead), and having effective control of the dog.

Silver Class: In Silver Class all exercises are on lead except recall. Exercises include Heel with Sit, all turns, Drop and Stand, Sit/Stay, Drop/Stay, Stand/Stay (returning from behind), Recall from a Sit/Stay at 6 paces (dog to come to front and trainer to return from behind), and introduction to Stand For Examination. With all exercises there is an emphasis on hand signals.

Gold Class: In Gold Class exercises include heeling on lead with right turn, left turn, right about turn, left about turn and pivot turn. Dogs are required to sit, drop, and stand. Dogs are taught to stand for examination, recall on lead, sit stay on lead for 1 minute, stand stay on lead for 1 minute and drop stay on lead for 3 minutes.

Diamond Class: In Diamond Class all exercises are off lead and include all Gold Class activities. Drop stay for 3 minutes in a group line and drop stay for 2 minutes in a group circle are requirements of the Diamond Class trial.

Diamond Dog Excellent: In Diamond Dog Excellent Class all exercises are off lead and include all of the activities above. Distance control using signals (no voice), drop on recall, sit stay for 1minute and drop stay for 3 minutes are required to pass the trial.

Lucie’s Games Class:

Come and join Lucie at 9am to learn how, by simply playing games with your dog, you can build on your relationship with them and you’ll be training while having fun, solving many of the most common training issues! See you there.

Fun Days

Each year we have two Fun Days. An agility course is set up with lots of fun equipment for you and your dog to enjoy. On these days the emphasis is on building strong bonds with your dog. The dates for the Fun Days can be found on the Calendar of Events page.


Each year there are four Trials. During a trial you will have the opportunity to practise the skills that you have learnt in your class with one of the trainers. Ribbons, certificates and trophies are awarded on the following Sunday.