Trainers and Office Bearers



Secretary & Trainer – (Life Member)

Joined HBODC over 30 years ago.

Graduated from the (then) Grade 6 with Laddie, a Shetland sheepdog.

President & Trainer – (Life Member)
Joined HBODC in 1997.

Past member of several obedience dog clubs, and VCA, with experience in dog training for over 30 years. Initial experience and interest in conformation showing of Great Danes
Currently has a consultancy business in home dog obedience training.



Vice President & Trainer  – (Life Member)

In Glenns own words:
I joined the club in 2003 with my daughter Emily and two Border Collies, Pip and Jake. I had trained the two dogs as working dogs on our farm where we bred lambs and calves for the market. After spending ten years on the farm our return to the city required some retraining for the dogs. Both had never been on lead, had the run of a sizable farm without the need to understand the dangers of roads nor were accustomed to playing and getting along with other dogs.

Over the next 4 years Jake excelled at each level of training winning ‘best’ dog trophies at every trial he was entered for. Jake’s final claim to dog fame was succeeding in achieving ‘Diamond Dog Excellence’…only the second dog to achieve the highest level we offer at our club.

Both Pip and Jake have passed to dog heaven and we now have two new border collies Coco and Ollie.

In 2008 I was invited to become a trainer at our club and gladly accepted. My 30 years being involved in education and training together with my training experience on the farm has help guide me in developing challenging training exercises for our clubs bronze class.

Glenn is also a member of the Association of Pet a Dog Trainers Australia Inc.


Committee & Trainer

I started dog obedience training 4 ½ half years ago when I got my border collie, Zach.

Initially, I got private lessons but soon realized that he needed to be amongst other dogs for socialisation. He was becoming aggressive around other dogs on occasion. I was recommended HBODC by a friend and my local pet store.

I soon learned that dog obedience training is about teaching the human and that it was easy for the dog!

I now have another dog, Wilbur, and we have started training this year.


Committee & Trainer

David began training cocker spaniels when he was 15. At the Morwell dog obedience club.
David joined HBODC in 2006 with a young pup Avila who graduated to diamond dog, he currently works with Grace and became a trainer within the club in 2011.

Currently teaching gold class. He has a focus on teaching dogs and their companions skills vital for good canine citizenship within an urban environment.




Assistant Secretary & Trainer

In her own words:
“Whilst growing up, dogs were always important members of our family.
I had two Border Collie crosses in the UK that I competed in Agility with.

I  moved to Australia in 2008 and my husband and I got Maddy our Border Collie in February 2013. We had heard great things about Hobson’s Bay Obedience Dog Club and joined when Maddy was 4 months old. We are currently attending Gold Class.
I was flattered to be invited to train as a trainer in July 2014 and am enjoying learning more and helping others with their 4 legged friends.”



Treasurer &  Assistant Trainer




Hobsons Bay Obedience Dog Club